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Jack and the Weatherman

Hailing from Haarlem (The Netherlands), Berry ‘Jack’ Krikken and Sebastiaan ‘Weatherman’ Weerman are Jack and the Weatherman. Two friends and their band on a mission to send their sun-soaked songs into the world. The songs of Jack and the Weatherman combine elements of pop, folk, reggae and hiphop with positive and profound lyrics. They celebrate the beautiful aspects of life in their music, while acknowledging the fragility of its beauty. It is music for both the heart and the head and during their dynamic live show they will probably make you appreciate life more.

Berry and Sebastiaan were friends in high school. Their paths in life went separate ways after graduation; Berry traveled the world, writing down his experiences and thoughts as lyrics. Sebastiaan became a musician and learned to play various instruments. It was an odd chance that they met again, years later. It quickly became clear they would be partners in music when Sebastiaan got out his guitar and started playing The Dynamo Of Volition by Jason Mraz and Berry joined him by singing the lyrics of the song.

Together, they are Jack and the Weatherman: Berry Krikken is Jack, (‘krik’ means jack in Dutch), and Sebastiaan Weerman is the Weatherman (‘Weerman’ translates to weatherman). Their they’re on a big adventure with lots of fun, music, sold out shows and new friends both in their native The Netherlands and abroad. Without any support by a label or management they write and release three EP’s: Something Positive (2014), Homewards (2015) and Some Kind of Purpose (2016), before releasing their full length debut album The Lucky Ones (2018).

The Lucky Ones, that’s them, doing what they love and connecting with people all over the globe. Their songs score hit after hit on Spotify, with millions of streams worldwide and a golden record in The Netherlands for ‘Till The Sun Comes Up’. They tour extensively all over the world, with shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Czech-Republic and the UK. They raise the roof wherever they go. “Music is seems to be our calling, we keep doing it” says Berry. Sebastiaan: “It’s so easy to do what you love, even if it’s hard”.

Later this year we can expect the a second album. An album that feels like meeting an old friend. One who has become wiser, has grown and has a wider appreciation of life. One Of Us is a vibrant and dynamic album full of positivity, self-reflection and some good old sunshine philosophy. It covers their old reggae and hiphop style as well as their new found love for folk. ‘’We’re really proud of this one’’ says Sebastiaan. ‘’Despite the variety on the album we feel like we’re getting closer to our ourselves, musically and personally’’ says Berry. The boys were aiming to contribute to the unification of humanity and the planet while living their dream and passion to the fullest extent. Have they succeeded? Have a listen and see for yourself.