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october, 2022

New Single ‘Starlight’

Our new single ‘Starlight’ is out now! A song about realising you’re still crazy in love with someone.

Listen here:


Hailing from Haarlem (The Netherlands), Berry ‘Jack’ Krikken and Sebastiaan ‘Weatherman’ Weerman are Jack and the Weatherman. Two friends and their band on a mission to send their sun-soaked songs into the world. The songs of Jack and the Weatherman combine elements of pop, folk, reggae and hiphop with positive and profound lyrics. They celebrate the beautiful aspects of life in their music, while acknowledging the fragility of its beauty. It is music for both the heart and the head and during their dynamic live show they will probably make you appreciate life more.

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CD The Lucky Ones

€ 15,00

VINYL The Lucky Ones

€ 23,95

EP Some Kind of Purpose

€ 10,-

EP Homewards

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EP Something Positive

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Till The Sun Comes Up – Official Lyric Video
Our new single with the lyrics!

Free – Official Video Clip
During our Free Tour we’ve met people from all over the world who participated in our videoclip!

This Town – Official Video Clip
We cycled 350 km home and in this clip we show you the beauty of the Netherlands.

Benefit Show Live (2015)
A live show with all the people who supported us after the rob.

Rock Bottom – Live and Acoustic
We played our single Rock Bottom for Mokum Sessions at NDSM Werf Amsterdam

Brother – Live and Acoustic
Our single Brother live at the Egelantier in Haarlem.


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